hanging garden

A mural in terracotta for the Garden House, Bronte

Neeson Murcutt invited Lymesmith to design a 15m long ceramic mural around the swimming pool of a superb off-form concrete house in Bronte. Rising above large sandstone outcrops and lush garden like a re-occupied ruin, the architecture demonstrates a robust materiality and revels in the physicality of its site.

The mural is a landscape element experienced as part of the ensemble of house and garden. Flashes of red and orange terracotta are glimpsed through dense foliage. Winding paths offer fragments of colour and pattern. Crisp white is emphasised where the mural is seen against the sky and pool pavilion. The sensuous intensity of the complete 'Hanging Garden' ensemble is best experienced when immersed in the pool.

The colour palette – of deep red, orange and clay pink, along with white and dark blue – was selected to produce a harmony of contrasts within the landscape setting.

Ceramic is a primal material, that’s why it perfectly blends into the natural elements. At the same time, it makes the tiled wall stand out, becoming the focal point of the whole garden, thanks to its bright colours and texture. The warm tones, the palm trees and the games of light reflecting from the swimming pool, create an emotional and peaceful atmosphere. This wall is not just an ornamental element, it is a link between nature and architecture.
— M. Massimo Orsini, CEO of Mutina Tiles, Italy
A design element that wasn’t originally planned brought a new cohesion to the terrace and its ensemble of built and unbuilt entertaining spaces. The mural has a presence that amplifies the architecture and is transformative.
— David Coleborne, project architect Neeson Murcutt


Neeson Murcutt

Tony + Andrew Pires, Bayuca Tiling

Juila Charles