The PIckers Shed

A shed for friends

When clients become friends, you can find yourself doing the odd architecture job, despite giving up architecture for colour…

Inheriting a small vineyard on the Tamar River, north of Launceston, meant the Hobart based owners required accommodation on site.  A tight budget, and the need to remove precious rows of vines to site any building at all, led to the design of the compact 9x4m building with a deck and separate bathhouse. 

The rectangular shed hovers just above the vines, at the top of the north-east facing plot, to take in beautiful views across the Tamar River. At one end, a bunkroom with 4 beds, at the other, a sleeping loft floats above the kitchen, dining and living areas.

The interiors are lined in plywood, producing a warm and calm atmosphere.  The exterior is clad in charcoal corrugated iron (Monument), producing a simple dark form, at ease in the landscape.


Knowing the clients to be a little colour conservative, I generously gave them two cladding colour choices; monument or manor red. I could imagine a red shed looking sensational on its sea of autumn leaves each year, but black is the better choice for ‘belonging’ to the landscape all year round.
— Sonia van de Haar, Lymesmith



Rob Marzetti, RM Building

Sonia van de Haar