polychrome house


A LYMESMITH collaboration with Amber Road  

Lymesmith worked with Amber Road to create a joyful and playful home for a dynamic couple in Cronulla.  The house was designed in the 1960s by Payne & Hunt Architects and was in original condition, with lovely face brick and plenty of (a little too much!) Mission Brown painted timber.  Amber Road took a fearless approach, relocating the kitchen to the ground floor and extending the downstairs living area into the beautiful established garden.  A bold crazy pave floor connects inside and outside living spaces.

Lymesmith developed a colour palette that incorporated the brick walls, convincing both the client and interior designer not to paint them, but to use colour on all the non-brick surfaces instead.  The exception to this is a mural painting on the brick wall behind the fireplace.  Moving through the house really is a pleasure; one experiences colours in new relationships to each other, in relation to the garden, and in a myriad of unexpected ways. 

It would be easy to revert the house to a neutral colour scheme at a later date, in the meantime, the house reflects and celebrates the individuality of its owners.


Design Team
Sonia van de Haar, Yasmine Ghoniem


Prue Ruscoe

Alicia Sciberras